Youth eng sub ep 2

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Youth eng sub ep 2

TV Schedule. Sign In. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth — Season: 1. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. An orphaned man known as Dog-Bird gets more than he bargained for when he illegally sneaks into the capital city of the Silla kingdom to help a friend.

S1, Ep2. Dog-Bird finds Mak Moon's father, but not in the circumstances he was expecting. Queen Jiso's announcement about the start of her group does not meet with approval. S1, Ep3. Master Ahnji offers to let Dog-Bird stay at his house. A birthday parade without a king does not inspire confidence in the royal family. S1, Ep4. Queen Jiso succeeds in gaining Hwarang members, however reluctantly.

Aro attempts to teach Dog-Bird what he will need to know among nobility. S1, Ep5. Dog-Bird and Jinheung work together to escape their kidnappers. All the Hwarang members are officially sworn in and given their first assignment. S1, Ep6. Hwarang's beginning quickly turns violent, causing Aro to be called in as a doctor. Queen Jiso is displeased that the group seems to be falling apart so quickly.

S1, Ep7. The Hwarang members face their first written exam. Anxious to avoid Jinheung, Aro borrows money to repay her debt.

S1, Ep8.

youth with you season 2

Master Ahnji discovers that Queen Jiso is being poisoned. Hwarang's second assignment is a festival performance for the people of Silla. S1, Ep9. Are struggles with the discovery that Dog-Bird is not her brother.

Princess Sookmyung arrives at Hwarang House to help for the festival. S1, Ep Jinheung becomes determined to protect Aro when her eavesdropping leads to dangerous consequences. Suho finally remembers what happened to Sooyun and goes after Banryu. Princess Sookmyung proposes fatal training for the Hwarang. Master Youngshil finds proof that the king is a Hwarang member.

Rumors fly as everyone tries to figure out who the king is. Hanseong and Dansae clash over their statuses.Our favorite housemates have reunited for another season, and the premiere makes some promises about our Belle Epoque ladies navigating their next chapter with love, hilarity, and a couple of eerie twists. While this first episode is more of a transition into our next story, it reminds us of how special friendships can be.

A plane lands from Beijing, and we see a familiar face returning to Korea. As she scrolls through the messages, she reads that her housemates have decided to greet her at the airport, so she looks around for them as she walks out of the gates. They get up from their hunched positions and merely tell her that they should get going before the sun sets.

youth eng sub ep 2

Jin-myung looks confused as her grumpy housemates walk out of the airport, and she looks around her. Couples, families, and guests are greeted warmly with hugs and smiles, and she quickly follows her housemates out of the airport.

When she comes to her senses, she sees that everyone in the group has enthusiastically agreed to go to the airport.

All seems well as Yi-na starts driving and Ji-won turns up the tunes, but cars begin to honk at them from behind.

Ye-eun yells at Yi-na that oncoming traffic has the right of way, but she seems to have no idea that such a traffic rule existed. Ye-eun yells at her to look forward, and Yi-na immediately slams on the breaks in the middle of the road. Ji-won tells her about side mirrors, and Yi-na struggles to figure out how to adjust them.

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She continues to drive, and the ladies hold on for dear life. Yi-na claims that she was fine before, but just got nervous because all of them were yelling at her. As they continue on the road, Yi-na struggles to change lanes for their next turns, almost running into cars on either side of her.

So the girls resort to sticking their heads out of the window and desperately waving their hands around, pleading with the adjacent drivers to let their novice driver into the lane. Yi-na drives right past the toll booth and stops belatedly in the road ahead. She jumps out of the car and runs back to pay the toll—and the cars behind alert her to the danger ahead. Yi-na has forgotten to park the car, sending it slowly crawling forward with no driver, her housemates stuck in the back, begging her to save them.

This is the weary state that Jin-myung finds her housemates in at the airport.

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As they walk back to the car, Jin-myung asks Ji-won what happened, though Ji-won tiredly waves it off. As they all pile into the car, Yi-na yells at the girls to help her back out of the parking spot.

Another fiasco ensues, with Yi-na jerkily backing up as Ji-won, Ye-eun, and Eun-jae run around trying to guide her safely out without getting run over.

When Yi-na finally backs out correctly, the girls silently pile back into the car and get on their way. She looks to Eun-jae disapprovingly and tells us in her interview that usually the maknae would offer to take this spot. Eun-jae, however, looks blankly back at Ji-won, not seeing her annoyance. Eun-jae asks Jin-myung about China, but Ye-eun interrupts her every sentence to ask about the food. So to get revenge, Eun-jae tries cutting Ye-eun off, but she barely even notices.

Eun-jae passes out tangerines, and as Jin-myung peels and eats hers tangerine, Yi-na opens her mouth, anticipating a piece.

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Ji-won asks about souvenirs from China, and Jin-myung says that she brought a small gift for them. In her interview, she holds the key chains in her hands and sighs. Ye-eun asks to stop at the rest stop because she needs to use the bathroom. An irritated Yi-na yells at her to hold it, complaining that she only has to go because she ate so many tangerines. They catch the next exit, and the man in the car next to them directs them to the closest gas station. He even lets them cut in front of him to take the left turn, and they marvel at his kindness.

The girls run out of the car, and Yi-na gets gas for the car.MDL v6 en. TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Score: 8. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. All Time Favorite Dramas titles loves 9.

Historical titles loves. Favorite Dramas titles 57 loves. Best of Best School Titles. Light and Fluffy. Best High School Dramas. Contract Relationships.

Best of Japan. Edit this Page Edit Information. Hwarang Episode 1 8. In Silla about 1, years ago, Queen Jiso reluctantly receives an unexpected visitor and two friends go to the capital in search of family.

During the secret entrance of the king,… read more. Hwarang Episode 2 8. Hwarang Episode 3 9. Wehwa reviews hwarang candidates.The show first introduces female trainees from different companies, who are being voted on by viewers.

The Top 9 trainees with the most votes in the final episode get to debut in the Chinese girl group THE9. The series captures the pulse of contemporary pop culture and gives it a positive value of meaning, with a youthful attitude of "interpreting self" and "not defining self", showing the mentality and struggle of the girls when facing their dreams.

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The show convenes young girls with dreams who sing and dance well and will move towards the final debut through a four-month training and stage competition. The "Concept X" proposed in this series implies the infinite possibilities of the show itself and the trainees. Kun, as the winner of Season 1rarely participated in variety shows after his debut.

As a member of S. Ewho debuted 19 years ago, Ella Chen's strength and professionalism are beyond doubt. Lisa is the dance mentor of Season 3. As a leading figure of the Chinese rap industry, Jony J is the first rapper in China to hold a concert of ten thousand people. Four mentors arrive at the welcome party and met the trainees.

In the last seasons, the mentors would only be able to meet the trainees on the stage of preliminary rating.

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This time the mentors get to meet them in advance to learn about their characters and backgrounds so that they can talk with the trainees in a better way. Every trainee introduces herself at the party and seated herself around a very long table next to each other. On the next day, the four mentors give their performance on the stage for the trainees. Then comes the stage of preliminary rating for the trainees.

The trainees who choose the same song are automatically paired one-to-one and compete against each other. The one-to-one performance makes it easier to observe and compare the trainees.

The mentors will then rank them from Class A to F according to their performance. The stage of preliminary rating continues. Kong Xueer becomes the first trainee that is assigned to Class A.The mystery train continues to chug along as we delve deeper into the lives of our five very unique heroines. We get a bit more explanation on the surprise supernatural aspect, but what I really care about is the everyday challenges these college girls have to face. The boy trouble, the school trouble, the whole shebang.

And the more we get to know them, the more I want them to thrive. After the five girls share some harmless secrets, bubbly third-year Ji-won drunkenly drops the bomb that she can see ghosts. She tosses and turns in bed that night until she convinces herself that Ji-won is a total liar. What is she doing? What was that sound? Is she moving?

youth eng sub ep 2

But then a hand shoots out and grips her ankle. Ye-eun screams and sits up to come face-to-face with Ji-won, hanging upside down on her bed. Ji-won asks for some, only to be told to come down and get them herself. With a rather eerie expression, Ji-won opens her mouth wide… and then her neck stretches out like a snake and weaves her head down to Ye-eun.

She goes out to the balcony to take down her laundry, mindlessly grabbing onto a pair of boxers. That puzzles her: Then whose could it be? Doo-young must be awake now because he motions her over with a sly glint in his eye.

Well, damn. That angers Ye-eun, so Doo-young immediately returns to his playful demeanor and has them giggling in bed in no time. When the boy finally notices her, he runs off.

youth eng sub ep 2

She tries to get a closer look, but Ye-eun bursts in, pulling them both to the couch. Now out of the clear, the girls get Yi-na in on the Grand Underwear Mystery and show her the still-ownerless boxers.

Yi-na scoffs, offended they would ever think it was hers.My Account. About iQIYI. Help and support. Terms of Service.

Episode List

Youth With You Season 2 English version. We use cookies to improve your experience on this site. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies. For You. Variety Show. Download the iQIYI app to enjoy smooth playback. History My Account Watch Later. About us Contact us. Advertise Corporate relations. Issues and feedback Security Response Center. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

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Ep21 Part1 The cooperative show blows the atmosphere. Ep19 Part2 Jing Jin shows up and draws a cheering crowd. Ep17 Part1 Theme assessment public show begins! Ep16 Part1 KUN chokes with sobs as he recalls the past.

Ep15 Part2 KUN tempted to perform one of the new songs. Ep14 Part2 KUN's appearance is super cute. Ep12 Part2 Kiki Xu gives perfect performance. Ep11 Part2 Fierce group competition! Ep10 Part2 Esther Yu's hot pot mukbang. Ep9 Part2 The fashion show got the crowd screaming.Answer all of the reviews to build customer loyalty Answer in 2 clics from your computer, your tab or your phone.

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